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Second-hand Bicycles Eindhoven

Did you know that there are almost as many second-hand bicycles in Eindhoven as the number of inhabitants? Buying second-hand bicycles in Eindhoven appears to be extremely popular! If you want to explore this vibrant city of light, a second-hand bicycle is an excellent choice. Here with us you can purchase a second-hand bicycle with complete confidence, as all our bicycles have been checked by skilled bicycle mechanics. They ensure that the brakes function properly, the wheels turn smoothly and the tires are sufficiently inflated.


The Benefits of Secondhand Bicycles

Purchasing a second-hand bicycle has several advantages. First of all, you can enjoy quality bicycles at a fraction of the price of a new bicycle. Moreover, we offer a warranty on all second-hand bicycles, so you can explore the city of Eindhoven with peace of mind. We also deliver the bicycle to your home free of charge and ready to ride, so you can immediately hit the road and enjoy your new two-wheeler.



Apart from the financial savings it brings to your wallet, opting for a second-hand bicycle in Eindhoven is also an ecologically responsible choice. By purchasing a second-hand bicycle, you give a bicycle a second life and you contribute to limiting the production of new bicycles. It is an environmentally friendly method to admire this city. In addition, a second-hand bicycle offers you the opportunity to explore the beautiful cycling routes of Eindhoven at your own pace and discover the hidden gems of this city.


The 2e hands bike in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a bicycle-friendly city in the Netherlands, where bicycles are a popular and practical transportation choice. With extensive cycle paths and cycle-friendly routes, it's easy to explore the city on two wheels. Brabant's famous cycle route network crosses the city and offers wonderful opportunities to discover the green surroundings. Cyclists can enjoy the modern architecture and vibrant city life as they cycle past iconic places such as the Evoluon and the Philips Stadium. Thanks to the many bicycle sheds and active cycling culture, Eindhoven is truly a paradise for cyclists of all ages.