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Second-hand Bicycles Delft

If you are looking for second-hand bicycles in Delft, you are in good company! If you want to explore this vibrant city full of allure and charm, there is nothing better than a second-hand bicycle to guide you. Trust our expertise completely and purchase a second-hand bicycle, because all our bicycles have been thoroughly inspected by skilled bicycle experts. They guarantee the excellent functioning of the brakes, the smooth rotation of the wheels and the optimal air pressure in the tires.


The Benefits of Secondhand Bicycles

Buying a second-hand bicycle in Delft offers a multitude of beneficial aspects. First of all, you can enjoy the fun of cycling on high-quality two-wheelers without the burden of an exorbitant price like brand new bikes. We also provide a warranty on every second-hand bicycle, so that you can ride through Delft with peace of mind. In addition, we will deliver the bike to your home free of charge and ready to ride, so that you can immediately go on an adventure and enjoy your new steel horse.


A sustainable choice

In addition to the financial benefits, choosing a second-hand bicycle is also a sustainable choice. By buying a second-hand bicycle, you give a bicycle a second chance and you contribute to reducing the production of new bicycles. It is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy the city. Moreover, with a second-hand bicycle you can explore Delft's beautiful cycling routes at your own pace and discover the city's hidden gems.


The ideal cycling city: Delft!

Why are second-hand bicycles recommended in Delft? A picturesque city steeped in history, Delft offers a charming area to explore by bike. With its characteristic canals, cobbled streets and historic buildings, Delft is ideal for cyclists. The compact center makes it easy to navigate the city on two wheels and enjoy the beautiful architecture. Cyclists can relax along the atmospheric canals or visit the famous Nieuwe Kerk and the Vermeer Center. With an abundance of cycle paths and a cycle-friendly atmosphere, Delft is an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts and culture vultures.


Discover Delft on a refurbished bike from a second-hand bicycle shop

In short, explore Delft on a second-hand bicycle and experience the freedom and convenience that cycling in this vibrant city brings. Whether you cycle along the iconic canals, explore historic sights or enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city, a second-hand bicycle offers you the perfect opportunity to discover Delft in the most authentic way. Without hesitation, view our varied range of second-hand bicycles and start your adventure on the pedals!